Saturday, August 30, 2008

Go Buckeyes

If you live in Columbus Ohio, there is no question that you have to root for the Buckeyes. I couldn't believe how excited I was for this season to start. This should be another great year, but there are still a ton of games yet to be played. I think one of the reasons it is easy to root for Ohio State, is because they WIN. Everyone wants to root for a "winner." That's why I sport my Buckeye wear with pride.
I want more than anything for C3 to be that "winning team." A church where people are excited to be a part of it. This is a continual pursuit....and personally......I love to win.

Friday, August 29, 2008

I planted but someone else watered

I was speaking at a youth ministry that I had spoken at several years ago and was approached by a young lady that said, she had received Jesus Christ the last time I was there. She was doing well and had been serving God since then. It was so cool to see some of the fruit from those traveling days as the State Youth Director. The Bible says that one may plant the seed, another may water the seed, but God makes it grow. My role was planting the seed and leading her to Jesus, but that Youth Pastor and Youth Ministry is the one who watered and nurtured her spiritually. God though, was responsible for her growth. Sometimes I play the planting role, other times the watering, but my efforts are futile without the Power of God which makes them grow. In who's life are you planting or watering?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Gahanna Christian Academy

This morning I got the privilege to speak to a couple hundred 6th - 12th grade students at an assembly for Gahanna Christian Academy. I talked about being "NUMB." Numbness is due to a lack of our blood flow, which is our life source. We are numb when we stay in 1 place too long, are out in the cold too long or experience some kind of trauma. All these things tie in to our spiritual lives as well. I believe it is very easy for us to grow numb spiritually. This usually happens when we lose focus on God and others, and begin to focus on ourselves. We are numb when we no longer care about those who don't know Christ or when church becomes more about something else than about Jesus. OK, I'm done preaching. I'm heading back their tomorrow morning as well, so pray for me and the students.

clone wars

I took my boys to see Clone Wars the other day. We are all big Star Wars fans, from the Lego video game, to our own light sabers, to some action figures. The movie was kind of an in between from the actual films and the cartoon series. I give it an "8" and here is why. The only bummer of the whole movie was the 1 cuss word. They used DA@#. My question is why? If every kid is wanting to see it, why do you throw that into. I can't believe George Lucas films would allow it. I may be wrong, but I don't remember even 1 cuss word in the entire previous 6 films. Do they actually think 1 word is going to make the movie better or more realistic. It really just seemed stupid and simple to throw that in there. OK, I'm off my soap box. But overall was a good Star Wars movie. We immediately went home and beat each other with our plastic light sabers.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

tim hortons

So this morning I'm treating myself to a poor man's Starbucks..(you know, a Tim Hortons mocha)..ha. As I'm driving through the 10 car line at the drive-thru, I start listening to a song on the radio and writing in my palm/phone some words of inspiration. I am now the 2nd car from the window and realize that I never ordered. I had my windows up, the music blaring, as I'm writing, and slowly cruising by. I realized what I had done, started laughing, broke line and drove to the church. I drove away laughing at myself. (For the record, I have never done that before) It did get me thinking of how much of life we miss while being stuck in our fast paced, technological little worlds. So today, I am reminded again to take some time to smell the roses......or in my case, the coffee.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

clarify the win

Today we had some good discussion in our Central Sectional Pastors meeting. We are going through the book "7 Practices of Effective Ministry," by Andy Stanley. We only got through the first chapter which challenges you to "Clarify the Win." When we play baseball, we know that we score by touching home plate. So everything the team does, is designed to get as many of their players as possible to touch home plate, while at the same time keeping the opposing team from doing so as well. In the church, many times we have no clue what the real "win" is. So everyone is doing what they think is the win, all the while we are spinning our wheels in ineffectiveness. What if the "win" for every service and meeting that we had, had a purpose and a "win." What if every leader that serves on our team knew exactly what the "win" is for them and how it fits in to the bigger picture? We could probably change the world! We had a good staff meeting today as we once again had to "clarify the win" in some areas. It is a continual process that takes work, but keeps us closer to effectiveness and efficiency.

Monday, August 25, 2008

some stuff

- Saturday got to compete in a triathlon my buddy Jim and also to be there as Gary Fowler crossed the line for his 1st sprint triathlon. I finished 2nd and Gary 18th out of 75. Not too bad!
- Had a good Sunday. We did a GroupLink luncheon after church where we plugged people into Community Groups. We are trying something new where we will still have several in homes, but now we will have 3 larger ones that meet at C3. The goal is to make it easy for anyone to jump in at anytime. We will have the teaching then break into small groups in the sanctuary. After 6 sessions of every other week, we will then launch those smaller groups of people with a leader from within that group, to take it into a home. We will let you know how it works.
- Had our second meeting for ISI (Iron Sharpens Iron). This 4 month leadership growth track has only 5 other guys instead of 10 like last session. I like the smaller group better. I feel we are connecting and growing and I'm excited to see how this plays out.
- Took my boys in the woods today for some tree climbing, frog catching, rock throwing boys and dad time.
- I have made the decision to run the Indianapolis Marathon in October and try to run it fast enough to qualify for the Boston Marathon in 09. I have to start running a lot more miles between now and then. It will be very close to see if my training will hold up under 26.2 miles. Time will tell.
- Also, my last 3 stops at Subway have landed me winning either a drink or a cookie. The Lord is good!

Friday, August 22, 2008

and the winner is?

It was a tough decision for the panel of judges to decide who would be getting the book. After much deliberation...(especially since Gary voted for almost everyone) here is what we came up with and why.
- Chris - We have really no good reason why you should not get the book..but...NO.
- Dave Kidd - You are a blessed guy and are already receiving a free book, and even though you didn't ask....I have to say No.
- Dave McPeek - You were the only one Gary "did not" vote for, because he doesn't know you, but I assured him you were a great guy...but still it was a NO.
- Derek - We think your wanting to give it to a friend is a scam...(HA..JK)...but NO.
- Karen - Mother of Amy who wanted the book for her daughter, great heart, but No. (Inside scoop...shhhhhhh... she is getting this book for her B-day from a staff member at C3, but you didn't hear it from me)
- Pastor Josh - Gary said he does not take lightly to those who try to "brown nose" and play the political game, soooooo No.
- Holly - You rock, but to ship it to Oregon would cost me too much in it's a No.
- So the winner is ......drum role....SISTER V!!! The book will be delivered in person to your husband at the upcoming "Forum" A/G ministers conference.

Thanks to all who participated and if you didn't win, sorry about your luck. Did I mention I won a cookie today at Subway!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Back 2 School Bash

Wednesday night, I got to travel up to Delta Ohio and speak a back to school bash. It was just like old times as the state youth director in my traveling Ohio days. I got to see a few old friends and saw a bunch of kids commit their lives to Jesus Christ. It doesn't get any better than that! I also enjoyed the several hours in the car. It may sound crazy but I don't mind driving. For me, my car is one of my sanctuaries with Jesus. I have had some incredible encounters with God while driving down the road. My drive time is some of my "grow" time. It's either leadership lesson CD/MP3, or seek Jesus time. How much time do you have in the car? What are you doing to make the most of it?


Another quote from "Wild Goose Chase," "When God puts a passion in your heart, it becomes your responsibility." In the past couple of days, I have talked with a couple of people that feel they once had a great passion in their lives, but now it has waned. When we don't chase a God ordained passion, it not only affects us, but others as well. It affects us by realizing that we are running from our real purpose on this Earth, which leads to frustration and discontentment. It affects others, because this dream or passion was given to us to bless others and to make the world a better place. Are you running from any passion, calling or dream that was given to you by God?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Another great thought from the book was, "faith doesn't follow signs, signs follow faith." I think too often we will sit and wait for a sign....for weeks....for months...for years. We wonder why God is not speaking to us. I believe one reason is because many of us are not doing what God us to told us to do last. That's why it's a "faith" journey. You have to step out in trust even when all the steps are not there yet. I have found that the fruit is out on the end of the limb and that you have to go out there to get it. When you do, the signs start showing up. For me on my own journey, they have been confirmation signs of "your heading in the right direction." But they are signs I would have never seen unless I was continuing to move. The greater the faith, the greater the impact! So what are you waiting on? You are only one small act of courage away!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


OK, here is the play. I was given 2 copies of "Wild Goose Chase," one to read and the other to give away. So the first person to ask me for this.....oh wait...what was that...sure Gary Fowler (C3's Exec. Dir) you can have it since you asked first. Just Kidding! Whoever can leave the best, most heartfelt, creative, whatever you want to do reason of why you need or deserve this book, will win it. The post must be in 50 words or less and in English. The winner will determined on Friday (by a panel of judges) and the book sent out shortly after. Good luck!
P.S. - I'm halfway through and I think it will land in my top 10!

Monday, August 18, 2008

wild goose chase 1

I am a part of the the new book by Mark Batterson, entitled "Wild Goose Chase," blog tour. I just started reading it today, and so far it is another great book by Batterson. His first book entitled, "In a Pit With a Lion on a Snowy Day," was so good we did a sermon series on it. Mark has a way of challenging my soul and forcing me to ask my self the tough questions. The main theme of the book is "Most of us have no idea where we’re going most of the time. Perfect." That truly following Christ is like chasing a wild goose that can't be tamed or tracked. That there are times that God's Will is not logical for us. Another great quote was, "Jesus died to make us dangerous." Over the next couple of days, I will be pulling out some good thoughts from his book that are challenging my thinking. You can check out his books website at

Friday, August 15, 2008

Olympic Inspiration

I love the Olympics! On the gold medal stand as our national anthem is played, you will find me in my living room standing with my hand over my heart. I get a little crazy watching our Americans compete. I'm usually screaming "C'MON!" or jumping up and down. The Olympics make me want to train harder and achieve more. I love it to when they share the stories or the journey's of the athletes and the hardships and determination to get there. Their lives inspire so many and in many countries they are role models and even icons. They give hope to go after dreams and not to give up. I guess my question anyone inspired by my life? How about your life?

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Today, we get home to find Rita's Italian Ice on the answering machine. They called to tell us that they are now serving "mint chocolate chip" Italian Ice (which is by far our favorite). I had to laugh. But after I was done laughing, I was thoroughly impressed. The fact that they took the time to write our phone number down and then give us a call about a new flavor we had asked about, is truly the "next level." What if the church would care that much about people? All I know, is that my loyalty and feelings for Rita's just rose a couple of levels.

Go Packers

Driving home yesterday and I saw a cross on the side of the road that was green and yellow and said "Go Packers." Having about 8 more hours on the road, I spent some time thinking about what that meant. Could it have been that the greatest accomplishment of his or her life was that they were a big Greenbay fan? Or maybe they were in the organization, or a player. Regardless, those who knew that person well thought that the 2 words to best describe how they lived their life, was GO PACKERS. What 2 words would you want on your cross?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

do it right....the first time

Driving today in Alabama, I saw an advertisement that said, "We'll repair what your husband fixed." I had to laugh, because that is so me. I am a recovering, "I think this could work!" kind of guy. Personally, I have always been one to work hard, but work fast as well. Sometimes my drive to get done quickly overshadows my aim to do the best quality. I still have to fight that as well as doing it as cheaply as possible. I will do whatever it takes to save money, but I have learned that you usually get what you pay for. As well as when I have to go back and make repairs, it always costs me so much more. I am learning more and more what my limitations are, and I'm striving to not be "that husband."

Monday, August 11, 2008


We are halfway through our vacation and I'm having a blast just hanging with my family. It seems so hard to make room for a vacation, but I feel it is so needed. We are creating memories that we will have forever. Of which, I will constantly remind my kids of our times in Alabama. We canoed several miles together as pirates and I spent a good bit of time underwater as the daddy sea monster that eats feet. We had pontoon boat rides and were pulled in a tube behind it, as well as, catching at least 40 fish off the dock. (Actually, we probably caught the same 4 fish, 10x's) Did I mention several pints of Blue Bell Ice Cream and Milo's hamburgers? All that to say, I want to live in the moment with my family and not worry about anything but them. Life is good.

Prince Charming

While here on vacation, we had a little birthday party for my little girl Kali, who is turning 3. We got her a cake with a plastic princess figure on it. Without asking, they also put a prince figure on it. She wanted to know who the prince was, so I told her it was daddy. After the cake was gone, she continues to play with the princess and "daddy." I want to be the only "prince" she needs until she is at least 35....OK, maybe 28. The point is, I want my little girl to know that she always loved, protected and cherished by her father. I have seen time and time again working with teenage girls, where they seek in other boys or men, the love and acceptance that they have not received from Father. As Kali's daddy, I will do my best to let my little girl know she is loved.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


I'm going to be real transparent here. I truly have an issue in my life. I'm usually a disciplined person, but I feel that Keri's 80yr old Grandmother, "NANNY," is conspiring with several in Ohio to hinder my Faster than the Pastor 5k race finish. I open the freezer and there are 2 tubs of some of the greatest ice cream that money can buy....and it;s only found in the south, BLUE BELL, MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP! I'm done...stick the fork in me now. Even if I keep running the whole week, I'm still guaranteed to gain between 3-5 pounds. I have some idea of who is conspiring against me, but I have no proof....yet. I will though, just give me some time! In the meantime, I'll just help myself to my 4th bowl of ice cream....this afternoon.

Sweet home Alabama

At least that's my wife's theme song who is from Alabama. So last night at 10pm, we loaded the 3 kids, in one minivan for 11 hours....can you say "priceless." We are on vacation and will spend the weekend at a house (OK trailor) on the lake. Pontoon boat, canoe, dock, fishing, swimming and much more will be enjoyed. So, will most likely be blogging a little less due to lack internet.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

outside the box

Tonight, we have and advisory board meeting to discuss some big dreams. This meeting comes on the heels of some great discussion with our Ohio Superintendent, John Wooten. I pitched an idea for future church planting that has never been done before in Ohio. I love his heart for innovation and to find new and more effective ways to expand God's Kingdom. I walked away honored to serve a leader like him and in a district like Ohio. My prayer is that God uses C3 Church to make a big DENT....and I'm just crazy enough to believe it.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

hypocrites in transition

Today, I was reading where the word "hypocrite" came from. In the culture of Jesus' day, a big piece of the culture and entertainment was drama. On stage, the actors would wear mask and play a different role or "hypocrite." So when Jesus called the religious leaders of his day a "hypocrite," they knew exactly what He was referring to. At C3, we are doing our best to line our actions up with our words. We are all "hypocrites in transition," trying to become less like ourselves and more like Jesus.

Monday, August 4, 2008


Tonight at our church softball game, we won again (with me pitching...I'm 4th string pitcher). Anyway, we started the season with a win...(well, by forfeit) and then proceeded with 4 losses in a row. Morale was struggling at the halfway point of the season. In order to make it into the tournament at the end of the year, you have to end the season at .500. Well, momentum has changed. We have won our last 3 games and seem to be picking up steam. Of course we play a very tough team for this last game next week. But, momentum is hard to stop once the ball gets rolling. We are now a confident team that believes it can win. It's amazing when a team believes in itself and has the big MO behind them. It's like a train that is at full speed, it takes a lot to stop it. CHOOOO CHOOOOOO!

new gym

Today, was my first day in our new LifeStyles gym in Pickerington. It is new, it is clean and it was least this morning. I heard they picked up several thousand new members. I have read as well that over 80% of those with gym memberships, use it less than once a week. Ouch. Anyway, I walked in their realizing that this is my new mission field.
Yesterday at C3, we did our once a year "tithing" message. It was followed by a 3 month tithing challenge, money back guarantee. If at the end of 3 months, you don't feel God has blessed you, we will write your check back to you, no questions asked. Last year, we had several take the challenge and were blown away by God's faithfullness to his promise. The main point was, "Your money, reveals your heart." I believe it is true that our money is one of the last areas that many believers trust God in.
- We had 26 guest cards filled out yesterday! Crazy! Granted, 6 were for a baby dedication, but still. C3 is starting to ramp up for the fall....only God knows what will happen.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Sitting in an airport, I just saw a lady walk by with a tattoo of an "acorn" on her ankle. So many questions run through my mind. The biggest one being WHY WOULD ANYONE EVER GET A TATTOO OF AN ACORN ON THEIR ANKLE!? OK....I'm done rambling.....sorry for the meaningless post....but I just had to tell somebody.


This week, I met some incredible youth leaders and students. I believe that every person I meet and every experience I have, shape me. Every experience adds to the previous and how I choose to navigate through them and respond to them, forms who I am. Also, every person I meet has the potential of influencing me, if I allow them to. At this camp, I met an ex-bike gang member named Brian. He had tattoo's, piercings, was missing part of his finger and you could tell had been a rough character. He still looks the part, but the inside of Brian is soooo much different. This guy in his middle 40's, was now a camp counselor who loves students because of the life changing power of Jesus Christ. What an encouragement to me and others, to see a guy is living proof of the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. My life is better because I got to meet Brian and experience this camp. What people or experience has shaped you in the past couple of weeks?

Friday, August 1, 2008

missing my family

Tonight is the last night of the 2 camps back to back. I've met some incredible people and have seen God change a lot of lives, but I'm ready to get back with my family and my amazing church. As a dad and a husband, when I go away for a while, it's amazing how it makes me realize how much I love my family. My prayer is that I never take them for granted. Are you taking anyone for granted?

Also, I had a couple of firsts in my life:
- I drank a Thomas Kemper rootbeer.....amazing!
- Saw the camp where they filmed the first "Jason" movie....or so I was told.
- Ate cocunut on my oatmeal
- Saw the cascade mountains....breathtaking
- Saw a mule deer in the wild
Some non-firsts, but were still cool:
- Went on a huge harness swing
- Got to zipline several hundred feet
- Tubing behind a boat in view of a mountain with snow on it
- Experienced 85 degree days and 40 degree mornings
- Ran up the side of a mountain (pic from the top)