Wednesday, January 31, 2007

God sees color

I will never forget a conversation with a friend of mine who is an African American brother in Christ. The conversation came up about how God doesn't see color, and he disagreed. His point was that God made us colorful, whether cultures, style, passions, etc. That when different tribes and nations worship, it is in their own dialect, style, form and God receives their worship from their hearts because that is how He created them. Truly, how boring would heaven be if it was all the same style and color? It is going to be awesome someday to worship our creator all together when every tongue, tribe and nation join together.

How has God wired you to connect or worship Him? I honestly connect through being still in His presence, while another is through movies. I am moved through both and make it a point to worship through both often. So what is your color?

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

experience rules

In the past, our culture in the US has moved from the "industrial" to "information" to "service" and now to the "experience" age. Everyone wants an experience. What does Harley Davidson sell? Not motorcycles, but an experience. Where else can a middle aged balding overweight white guy (I think that's almost me) drive through a small town and be feared? How can Starbucks sell a .10 cup of coffee for $4.00? You are paying for the experience. Now tie this in with our churches and God. People want an experience with God. If we can lead them to that, they will believe. But they can't experience until they feel they belong. So our heart at C3 Church is to help people feel they belong, so they can experience God, so they in turn will believe. I hope I'm making sense. If not I'll just go get another cup of coffee.

Monday, January 29, 2007


Yesterday was a great day in the life of C3 Church. Our church continues to grow and we had our 2nd largest attendance ever (launch day being biggest). There is a sense of excitement in the air as every week new guests are showing up and getting involved. But yesterday was capped off at the Pickerington adult dodgeball tournement hosted by the Chamber of Commerce. It was a blast. There were 11 teams, 2 of which were representing C3. Now I personally have to admit, I have a deep rooted issue in my life and it has to deal with trophies. I can laugh about it, but I will almost lose a limb to win one. I have collected them my whole life, and for some reason I have this burning desire to get more. Honestly, without the hardware I usually won't even sign up. But when I saw the gleam of that cup, sparkeling just perfect in that ultraviolet light, I knew I would cherish it forever (my precious). Both of our C3 teams played hard, but my team squeezed in as champions. Myself, my Keri, Jillian, bro. Josh, Gary and Dave rounded out the field. It was a lot of fun, for which we are all paying for today with sore arms. So my trophy now goes down to the back half of my (unfinished) basement to collect dust for eternity. Why does the chase of the coveted "trophy" haunt my soul? I don't know. I guess we all have an inner longing for something and now that I really think deep about it, I think mine is signifigance. I just want to be used by God to make a signifigant difference in the world. Perhaps the silly trophies i've collected are a tangible way I think I am being signifigant in other areas of life. Who know's, but I have this feeling deep in my gut that as God continues to peel the layers back on my life, that one day He may ask for all my trophies. As silly as that sounds, that would actually kind of hurt. But until then, I will keep drinking out of my new trophy cup. I'm laughing as I writing this in a Panera Bread, but it is true. So why do you really do what you do? What deep inside do you long for?

Friday, January 26, 2007

First 90 Days

Bob Biehl talks about how the first 90 days of the year, will define what you will accomplish that year. If that is true, what have you begun, or soon will begin in these first 90 days? Sometimes we walk through life wishing or hoping that certain things happen to or for us. But life rarely happens that way. The spoils usually go to the one who takes the risk and makes it happen. So, you still have time to set some goals and then to create the steps to make them happen. But realize that what you do or don't do in the first 90 days, will greatly define what 2007 will hold for you. SEIZE THE DAYS (90 of them)!

Thursday, January 25, 2007


There is an old saying that says, "What's measured, gets done", and I believe it to be true. We have instruments to measure everything from our weight to how much gas is in the car. Many, we use on a constant basis while others, we would rather not even look at. If we want to move forward in a certain area of our lives, then we have to somehow measure it. I have a Personal Growth Plan in several areas of my life that helps me to measure how I'm developing and in what areas I need work. It is broken down into 5 categories that are mind, body, soul, family and finances. Each category then has several measuring sticks under them. Such as, exercise 6x's a week for no less than 30 minutes a day. That is measureable. So I either hit or missed the mark. What gauges or measuring devices do you have in your life to keep you accountable? What one's do you need? Remember, "what's measured, get's done".

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Jack Bauer

I don't know about you, but i look forward to Monday nights at 9pm. That is the time that 24 hits my TV screen. My heart rate literally goes up 20 beats per minute because the show is just so flat out intense. One of the things I like is how Jack Bauer is always on a mission. For him, it never stops. Every minute of every day, he is on a mission to save the his country. His loyalty is continually challenged, but he remains true to what this country stands for.
I believe that I am on a mission, every minute of every day, to save those who don't know Christ. I have important information that can change the course of history. Am I doing all that I can for the cause of Jesus Christ? Am I living my mission to the best of my ability? Are you?

Monday, January 22, 2007

make and cementing memories

Last night at about 8pm (normally pre-bedtime rituals) as the snow had finally fallen and blanketed our little "suburbia" neighborhood, I bundled up my two boys (3 & 6) and took them outside to create a memory. We had a snowball fight then I pulled out the timeless "saucer sled". You know, the one that has caused injury for generations? With that sled and a spare piece of rope, I pulled those 2 laughing and screaming boys up and down the street. They were having a blast! This is a memory they will have forever. One of the main reasons, is because I will keep bringing it up, every so often. By reminding them of the fun we had, I am cementing it in their minds. A memory of their dad spending time with his boys.
My Father did a great job of being intentional with me and my 2 brothers and will still to this day say "Remember when.....", and I do remember, because of his efforts to cement those memories in me. So be intentional to make memories and cement memories.

Friday, January 19, 2007

magnifying glass

Thinking through our team and where are church is going the other day got my mind turning about the "magnifying glass of leadership". This is something that as you grow and move into greater responsibility, that you will soon be faced with. When you are leading on a smaller level, many of your flaws, lack and internal insecurities are hidden. But as you are put in bigger arena's, they will eventually come to the surface. Not only that, but they will be magnified for the world to see.
When I was a Youth Pastor of 20 kids, I thought I could do it all, and had no big weaknesses (can you say naive). I did it all and could for such a small group. But as we grew I began to realize that the areas I thought I was OK in, were now not acceptable, and my weaknesses begin to become enlarged. We grew some more and then I was appointed as the State Youth Director (DYD) of Ohio. Now even those things I thought I was "good" at were not at the level they needed to be. I soon learned to keep doing the things I'm the best at, and hand off the others. Also, by being under the magnifying glass, it brought my insecurities and character flaws to the forefront. Now they not only affected me and a handful of people, but 300 other churches as well. We all want the title without paying the price of the leadership magnifying glass being put to our lives.
So, what are some things that are hidden within you, that if you took the magnifying glass to, wouldn't look to pretty? Deal with them now, before they are blown up for all to see.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

AU - Automobile University

I have still been attending school ever since I left college. In fact I pretty much still go almost 5 days a week and I still haven't graduated and really have no plans to. That's right, I attend "Automobile University"! I, probably like you, spend a good bit of time in my car. This is an incredible time to learn and grow. Whether it is a audio book, podcast, think time, prayer time, etc, that time can be used to grow ourselves. It is so simple yet over time compounds to make you a well read (well traveled..ha) well rounded person. You only need to be intentional about preparing a little in advance with a trip to your library, bookstore or itunes. This morning I personally attended a Spanish class on my way to the gym and listened and a story of determination that inspired me on the way back.
How much time do you spend in your car? Could you be more productive? Ok, how and when?
My friend Troy Jones said "We grow daily or we die gradually".

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

become an expert, read a book

Talking yesterday with our C3 staff about reading. I heard once that "if you read "1" book on any subject, you become more knowledgeable in that field than over 95% of the population." To think that we could all be experts in anything we want. We live in a country and now world where endless knowledge and infomation is at our fingertips to access almost 24/7. A couple things I have done personally to become more of an "expert" in different fields:
1. Podcasts (itunes)- Free
2. Library - audio books - Free
3. Internet - ebooks - Sometmes free
4. Borrow a book from a friend or relative - Free
5. Go to Barnes and Noble, sit down and read a whole book - Free
6. Or I guess you could buy one.

Just a couple of ideas to help you keep growing into an "Expert".

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

why do you do what you do?

A mentor of mind told me of a story about his father who worked a fulltime job and pastored a small church for 7 years. His dad loved those people with everything that he had while being their pastor. He was there for funerals and weddings, hospital visits and everything inbetween. The whole time he never took a salary. When he finally moved on, the people took an offering and handed him right at $4.00 as he walked out the door. His son (my mentor) was a little upset. He had seen all the sacrifices that his dad had made as he sacrificially poured into that church and those people. The son asked his dad if he was upset, and his dad said "I wasn't doing what I did for them, but for Jesus"........Wow! I have to ask myself, "why do I do what I do?" Is it for the applause of man or something greater? Why do you do what you do? Motives, what are our real motives? Just some food for thought.

Monday, January 15, 2007

MLK & Destiny

Last night I participated in a Martin Luther King Community Service, put on by the area ministers association. As I set there I began to think about the difference that one person made on history. I truly believe that MLK fulfilled his God given destiny. He found his purpose and lived it out although it was no easy road. But what about the countless thousands, who never achieve the destiny that God had created for them. They pass from this earth missing "the point". God created us to "live bigger" and that means to live for something bigger than ourselves. Have you ever thought about the destiny that God has written for your life? It may be a National leader like MLK, or it may be his mother that invested in him that helped shaped him into who he became. We all play a role whether up front or behind the scenes. So play your role and fulfill your God given destiny becuase your part is a piece in a bigger puzzle.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Reflection on your life

Just going through my pda notes of past lessons learned and I landed on this one. A couple of years ago I attended the funeral of a friend. It was hard to see someone so young and vibrant waste away before my eyes. At his funeral, I was amazed at how many people showed up to pay their respects. I penned (digitally) these words: "It's not what is said at your funeral, but who shows up. It's not what you said in life, but what you did, and not who you wanted to be, but rather who you became. We can never go back. We can only choose what to do with the here and now. Lord, may I give my all, that at the end of my life, there is only a used up carcus left over because I rang every bit of life out of it. All I am, for all YOU are!"

Have you ever taken time to reflect what would be said at your funeral and who would show up. It would be those lives that you invested in. Make in a great day!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

your view 2

How you explain situations and events to yourself will determine how helpless or energized you become. I like to look at problems as "opportunities for solutions". I mean Jesus needed problems to show His power and to do miracles. Personally, I try to see life's issues as challenges to how big I am on the inside. Of course sometimes it takes me a while to arrive there, after all of my complaining of "why me". (Just being honest) But in the back of my head, I always know that God is bigger than anything that life, myself or people can throw at me. It also helps to know to that I have never faced a problem yet, that I didn't make it to the other side. How do you see your life, problems and situations? Do you need to make any changes?

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

your view

Tozer said "The most important thing about you, is what comes to your mind when you think about God."
That is profound! I mean think about how everything we see and do stems from our view of God. From the way we treat others, to the view we have of ourselves. I know personally, my view of God continues to change. It's like, the closer I get to God the bigger I realize He is, and the more of His love I begin to comprehend. The human species is so small in every way, compared to God, the supreme being of the universe. He is limitless with no boundaries, which is too hard for us to even fathom because "He always was". So I'm constantly refining my finite mind to see God in a more clearer light. It is truly a lifelong journey. So, what is your view of God? Remember, the way you see EVERYTHING ELSE is determined by it.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Good losers

Last night we had a Buckeye Bash at C3 Church and we had some serious "cornhole - bean bag toss" going on. Everything was going great. The first play of the game Teddy Gin runs it back for a TD and life was good. But then I'm really not sure what happened. The Buckeyes played their worst game this year, while the gators had their greatest game of the century! That definetely can take some spunk out of the party. But when the game was over and the interviews began, I was thoroughly impressed with how Coach Tressel and his players handled the loss. No excuses! Florida outplayed us. In a time where everyone wants to blame someone else for their failure, QB Troy Smith said, "I didn't execute well tonight, it's my fault." That is true leadership. So Jim Tressel may not have won a championship last night, but I think all his investment in those players as "men" shone very brightly.

Monday, January 8, 2007

evaluated experience

In my thoughts this morning becuase of interacting on my blog was this quote, "Experience is not the best teacher, evaluated experience is the best teacher." Experiences can be our greatest asset or our greatest baggage. The real question is did we learn anything from it. I try to evaluate all the time, whether conversations I had, situations I have been in, or just plain why something didn't go as planned. This is key if we are to continue to grow and learn.
A core value of C3 Church is to "Evaluate Everything". This can be tough, especially when there is an honesty because the good of the church body is at the forefront. But if you take this evaluating experiences seriously, it will change you, or at least help you identify what needs to be done. So, are there any experiences you need to evaluate?

Friday, January 5, 2007


"Spiritual maturity does not equal conformity."
Isn't it funny how many times those who have served God for many years sometimes look all the same? I think the church must guard itself in not producing disciples that look like themselves, but rather look like Jesus. This is the goal right? I think if we are truly growing more like Jesus, then the individuals talents and giftings that are being used for God's glory, will make them more distinctive. As Christ's power begins to channel a Christians passions and giftings, and they are fulfiling their purpose on this planet, then how can they fit in any "man's" mold? So really, the longer you have been following Jesus wholeheartedly, the more distinctive you should be. I hope that makes sense. Sometimes it sounds better in my head than on paper.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Spiritual whiplash

I heard a great term the other day called "Spiritual whiplash". This is when God doesn't fit into our box. Have you ever prayed for something that didn't happen? If it's a big deal, then sometimes you have to rethink what you believe. We have trouble with our finite minds even coming close to understanding God's infinite ways. This many times gives us "spiritual whiplash". Do you really want to totally understand God? If God was small enough to be understood, He wouldn't be big enough to be worshipped. We must trust His sovereignty, that He is in control and that He has a plan and we are in it. Does anyone elses neck hurt?

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

A New Year

I trust you survived the Christmas - New years holiday season with several crazy family members, some time off and a lot of football viewing under your belt (or maybe over it, depends how much you ate). This past Sunday we kicked off a series entitled "Live Bigger". A great quote I used from mark Batterson says "We regret our actions short term and our inaction long term." Wow, what truth! So what will be different for you this year? What area of your life must you act on or live to regret? Don't wait, make a plan and make it happen. Live Bigger!

Go Buckeyes!