Friday, March 30, 2007

memory or imagination

Memory or imagination? Do you do life, and for me ministry, out of memory or imagination? That's why I love doing this church plant. Nothing has been "always done that way in the past". So we are always currently operating out of imagination, although we are always somewhat hindered by what we know or have seen. But the question is at what point will our now "new" church begin to struggle with this issue? Only time will tell. But how about on a personal level? Am I, are you, one who is operating totally out of memory or imagination? Maybe the better question is, where does God want us to operate from?

Thursday, March 29, 2007

America's #1 Easter Candy!

I don't know if that is a true statement but they are probably close. Personally, I hate these annoying little things ever since my Easter baskets growing up were cluttered with them. It was always a "I'll trade you 7 peeps for a piece of, how about a tootsie roll?" But what makes this candy such a hot item is that they took another idea to another level. What is it actually? It's a mis-shaped marshmellow with some colored sprinkles and a dot for an eye. They package this stuff and sell it to parents and kids who are suckers for this stuff. (Can you sense the surpressed childhood anger..ha!) But what we can glean from the peeps is, that being creative does not always have to start from scratch, but can take another idea in a different route. I have also learned that the more I use my creativity, the more that comes.
If you attend C3, wait till you see this weeks video announcements.......peeps were harmed in the making of this film.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Brownie Points

I went with a Leadership class here in Pickerington to a Brownie Company called "Brownie Points". We got to hear from the owner and founder. Her story was one of determination and inspiration. She never quit and poured her time, money, energy and passion into this with all she had. She worked crazy hours and baked her fingers to the bone and all of this our of her small apartment in a high rise in New York City before moving here to Pickerington. She pursued her dream and is now living it! Never give up on on your dream, especially if God has given you one, you won't be fulfilled doing anything else. I'm living mine.....are you living yours? What needs to change in order to pursue your dream?
Oh by the way, I'm the tall one on the left.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Can you be trusted?

Reading a book last night that got me thinking about trust. My question was, can God trust me? And if so, how much can He trust me with. Once, when growing up, I lied to my dad and what he said after that killed me. He said, "Buddy, I won't be able to trust you until you prove through time that you are trustworthy." This hurt me bad, and was an incredible lesson. I think many times we ask God for certain things. Usually, we don't as for bad things, but good things. But the real question is, can God trust you? Honestly, right now I couldn't trust my kids with a big bag of candy. They couldn't eat just one! The whole bag would be gone and then they would be sick. (This has already happened) So I guess I will trust God that he knows me better than I know myself and sometimes protects me by not giving me what I want. But in the meantime, I will do all I can to be trustworthy to my heavenly father.

Monday, March 26, 2007

2 Services

Yesterday, we had our first Sunday with 2 services and it went great! With both services we were actually around 215 without double counting the one's who stayed for both services. Special thanks to our C3 teams that did a great job with having to multiply all our Sunday morning ministry positions! It is incredible to be a part of such a great team. I love our church! We are truly experiencing what the analogy "Body of Christ" really means. Everyone is jumping in with their area of giftings and passions. When there is this kind of UNITY, we actually complete each other............and speaking of unity, Gary shaved his head as we take another big step forward in an all bald staff. Ha!

Friday, March 23, 2007


Today I worshipped God, but not in a way that you would expect. This morning oldest headed off to kindergarten and my Keri took Kali to the doctor while I stayed home with my 3 year old boy Kross for a couple of hours. I find that I usually don't get to spend that much time with only one kid seeing we have 3, so this was a special occasion. We played "daddy monster", nintendo, army men, indoor paintball (no real guns of course) and had a blast. That little guy had his dad's FULL attention. Usually during this morning time I am in the sanctuary of C3 praying and worshipping God. But then I felt God say, "this is your act of worship". When I'm loving my family, I'm fulfilling my role as a godly father (or at least doing my best) this is my act of worship. The Bible says in Colossians 3:17, "Whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord." What daily times of worship have you overlooked or taken for granted?

Thursday, March 22, 2007


I walked a graveyard today to survey it for a beautification project for the city. I am a part of a community leadership group that has taken this on as it's project. It is right as you come off the interstate and enter into "Pickerington". This cemetary is where some of the first settlers to this area are buried. As I was walking it, I thought of those who were buried there and what there lives mean 135 years later? Will anyone be effected by what I did in my life.....50 years later? Apparently, this guy made some kind of statement because the town I now live in bears his name.
Live to make a difference!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


On occasion I will try to meet up with my Keri and my kids at the McDonalds playland here in Picktown for lunch. It is amazing watching my boys play. At this age, they were created to do that. They are passionate and good at it. They climb, they scream, chase, swing and slide all while running by the table for an occasional bite of and all "white meat" chicken nugget. (We make sure they get the apple dippers to balance it all out, health wise of course. HA!) There is nothing better than doing something where your passions, giftings and calling all collide. When you find that, you will never work another day in your life, or at least it won't feel that way. I look at our lives and realize God has created all of us with certain passions and abilities. When we use what we have for His purposes, we fulfill His bigger plan. Are you currently using your gifts in areas of your passion. If not, seek God, the Author of all creativity for His advice. We only have one life to live!

Monday, March 19, 2007


Yesterday we did our first "partnership" class for those who are ready and willing to make a covenant with C3 Church. We had right around 60 jump in the dream and officially partner with C3. It has been amazing to see how God first gives the vision and then the provision. But I think many times we never step out in faith with the vision God has given us, and therefore miss the incredible miracles He desires to perform. What dreams or vision, has God spoken over you that you are yet to respond to?

Yesterday was also our 2nd largest attendence (2nd only to the launch). It is amazing to be a part of what God is doing!

Friday, March 16, 2007

17 1/2

Just when you think you have seen it all! I'm not sure my speedometer can register 17.5. Personally, I would love to hear a cop say..."I pulled you over for doing 23.5 in a 17.5 speed zone." How do you do that? It seems like they are making the actual limit a little fuzzy. I think we do this for whatever reason in our own lives. We don't bring clarity to a situation that causes those around us to be unclear. Whether it is the fact that we don't want to address an issue or just don't know what to do or say. But we must never forget that the leader is one who brings clarity. So even when you don't know, just be clear that you don't. I am working on this in my own life!

Thursday, March 15, 2007


This morning we rolled up into the driveway of C3 Church to find the creek 40 yards behind the church now 20 feet away. A little scary, but it is going down after the rain slowed and a good morning prayer time. It kind of takes the pressure of in situations like this when I tell God, it's His church and His building anyway. I'm just here to serve Him the best that I can, with what I have. This permeates my life in several other areas as well. For example when I used to speak, I would get nervous about messing up, or what if no one responded. But now I do my best to prepare and deliver what God has layed on my heart and trust Him for the rest. I am just the more, but no less! However and whenever God chooses to us me is up to Him. My job is to be ready and willing. When you break it all the way down to the root, it comes down to trust. Do you trust? Or do you let worry consume you? Remember, God is in control!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I was just thinking back to this past weekend as I did my buddies wedding down in Florida. It was cool to be there with a bunch of friends that were my close friends ten years ago. During the actual ceremony I began to think back on old memories and experiences. I came to the conclusions that life is truly all about relationships. That is all we really have. Relationships with God, family and friends. The rest is just material things that really leave us empty. Yes, people let us down and fail us, but it's still the best thing going. So thank God for all the relationships you have. Keep them healthy and live life to the fullest.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Our C3 Community Outreach team is busy putting together our 10,000 egg, Easter Egg hunt as well as free pictures with the Easter Bunny. This should be crazy. We have this huge field that will be divided up into age groups and literally littered with 10,000 colored "plastic" eggs. We have it in the paper and will soon put out the signs for promo. We want to make this a staple event in our community. Now we got to stuff those eggs with candy....can you say "community builder"? There is nothing better than a group of believers rallying around goal and achieving in together. It is shaping up to be an incredible day on March 31st! Calling all C3ites....we need you there to pull this thing off!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Hero? Maybe

While in Florida to do my buddies wedding we we chillin at his house when he gets a call from his grandmother who lives down the street. She called to us that she was having problems with her machine. My buddy Cal hangs up the phone and says his grandmother is not getting the oxygen she needs from her machine, so we bolt out the door. Upon arrival, we show up just in time to help his grandmother remove the hose from around her neck and save the day! Well, kind of. Actually, it was her "sewing" machine that wasn't working, but that doesn't sound near as heroic. We did fix that machine and my friend Cal asked if she would pose for a picture for my blog. I mean c'mon, this could have been a serious blg entry, and maybe even newspaper worthy. But instead, we'll just have to be OK with the fact that we were ready for anything and dealt with the issue, as small as it may have been.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Osprey in Florida

Wow! I wake up in Florida to sunshine and warm temperatures. I look out my buddies back window and snapped this picture of an Osprey and her nest. Beautiful.....I'm enjoying the time away. That's all.

Thursday, March 8, 2007


I spent this morning in "LEADS". I'm not sure exactly what the letters stand for, but it is a leadership program here in my town where I get to meet and sit under some teaching of the leaders in our community. Decent teaching but the fact that I am getting to know the leaders in my community is priceless. This morning I was in a firehouse learning how it all works and how they structure their organization. It's funny how I can hear someone talk on one thing and it sends me thinking on a new idea in a different direction. Maybe it's my ADD. I don't know. While I'm talking ADD, we are pumped to launch a second Sunday morning service on March 25th. Our team leaders are busy building their teams and plugging people in. Also, the 10,000 EGGstravaganza easter egg hunt and picture with the Easter Bunny (actually it's Dave Stewart). Back to the firehouse.....I learned when they get the call, they are in the truck ready within 1 minute. Pretty cool huh....
That's it, I'm getting on a plane in a couple of hours to go to Florida to perform a wedding for my best friend growing up. I hope to put up pics soon....

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

tax time

Tax time! Yesterday, my lovely wife took our taxes to get them done and I hung with the kiddies. (We had a lot fun by the way) We were pumped to get money back! Now we ask what do we do with it? Do we spend it on stuff we want, or invest it for the future, or perhaps pay off some bills. These are the questions that we ask ourselves all the time. We as Americans usually don't answer responsibly and find ourselves in a deep hole. We try to live above our means so we can have more than the "Jones" next door. Then we get so indebted that we begin living for the god of "mastercard & visa". All our thoughts and energy then are on this debt and we have nothing left to bless other people with. Money is a great servant but a horrible master. Let's choose not to serve it.

Monday, March 5, 2007

small problems

Check this kid out! This is my 3 year old boy Kross. He is a cool kid that loves nothing more than to wrestle with "the daddy monster". He is soooo chugging that chocolate milk! At his age, he don't really have any big worries in life. The biggest issues are things like, his older brother took his toy or he can't have that piece of candy before dinner. Although to him, they are devastating! As life moves on, his issues will seem to continually get bigger and bigger. But do they really get bigger? Maybe in our eyes but not in God's. He looks at us as His children and our "major" problems are not so major to Him. But He knows how big they are too us, and therefore is there to walk with us through them. My prayer is that I begin to see my problems through the eyes of a BIG God, and then they don't seem so big at all.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

the hill of ice

We got this killer hill on our church property where literally hundreds of kids and parents will come when school is out becuase of a snow day. I took my boys a couple times and they think it's the greatest thing since the invention of the gameboy. But the last time we went, the hill was packed smooth and then it warmed slighty, rained and then froze to solid ice. It was FAST! But the hard part was walking back up the hill with out falling. It was literally all I could do to stand up. My 3 yr old Kross, didn't want me to hold on to his jacket at first, but after some hard slips he wanted his dad's grip on his jacket. Now he still fell, but not near as hard because His dad would catch him. This is so us as God's children! We want to do it on our own, but then we fall really hard and realize how bad it hurts. When we allow our Father to help us, we still may fall but He is there to help us get up and we usually don't hit as hard. Personally, I'm not going up the slippery hill of life without my Heavenly Dad.