Thursday, December 12, 2013

7 years!

This Sunday we are condensing all 3 of our Sunday services into 1 and meeting at Pickerington Central HS.  We are going to be casting vision about our future and celebrating what God has done.  It's going to be a big party and we are pumped about it.  The school will also become our temporary home as we have put our building up for sale and are purchasing a new piece of property and soon will be building a new building.  This is an incredible season in the life of our church.  We are continually MOVING FORWARD!

Monday, December 2, 2013

you win some, you lose some

This week is the week of deer gun season.  I was hunting in Southeastern Ohio this morning, which has to be God's Country!  I had a really nice buck come in behind me and got spooked cause the wind was not in my favor.  I was so close to having a monster of a deer on my mantle.
My take away, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.  I hate losing and that deer got the better of me.  So whether I win or I lose, I learn.  In doing so, I become a better winner and less of a loser!