Friday, June 29, 2007

joyless happiness

This week we have had one of good friends little girl with us. It has been fun to watch her and our little Kali (both are 1 1/2) learn to share with each other. It has been a learning experience to say the least. In Galatians 5 of the Message version, it talks about what kind of life develops out of getting your own way all the time, "joyless happiness." Have you ever experience this? You get the new (you fill in the blank) and are happy for a little while, but it quickly fades and it does nothing for your joy. You ever heard the country song that says "and I thank God, for unanswered prayer"? God said, He would supply all our needs....not wants. Actually, I'm so glad that He is in charge. I have learned that true joy, only comes from God.....not more stuff. Things, people, weather, circumstances may try to rob my happiness, but it CAN NEVER TAKE MY FREEEEEEEDOOOOOM! (In a Braveheart kind of scream)

Thursday, June 28, 2007


I'll start with a quote that is actually from my own thoughts...."When you talk about yourself it's called bragging, but when others talk about you, it's called a reputation." It's crazy the favor God is giving us in our community. I just got an email from a city official asking us to be a major part of a "clean up Pickerington" day, that the city is wanting to turn in to an annual event. They approached us first and said, we know your church is all bout making this community better and wanted to know if you guys could help us get this going. I meet people all the time and when I tell them about C3, they all say, "you guys are a church that is all about COMMUNITY." Outwardly focused, is a core value that we are truly striving to live out LOUDLY. We are getting a good reputation within East Columbus.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

critical eye not critical heart

Had a good conversation the other day about being a positive person. The question was brought up about seeing the negative and always critiquing everything. They said they sometimes feel like they are always looking at the negative. I believe that their ability to see what can be better is actually a gift. But there is a difference between having a "critical eye" and a "critical heart". As long as you keep it from getting personal, stay focused on the process and keep the right heart behind it, you are all right. To be able to see what could be better is how God has wired you. But we must guard our heart, for it is the wellspring of life......God knows.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

"What happens here, can't stay here"

We ripped the Vegas theme and are going with it in another angle. Truly, if Christ resides in us, we should be different. If God is doing some in us and in this church.....IT CAN'T STAY HERE! The message of Jesus must be preached as will live out our lives for His Glory. Sunday, we talked about C3 and that if we are to make a positive influence in our world, then we must be a positive influence on those around us. For we are "the Church" of Jesus Christ. So how much of your Jesus do you live outside of Sunday morning?

Monday, June 25, 2007

Outreach was a huge hit

Saturday we did our "Summer Extreme" which consisted of a 20 animal petting zoo, huge inflatables, free food, carnival games and a craft tent. It went incredible! We had between 600-700 come across the property. The best thing was the at least 40 new guests we had yesterday because of it. Special thanks to the Becky Garrett and her team of leaders and 5th and 6th graders "Missions Extreme", who came and spent a week with C3. They blessed our community all week in the name of C3, and was the driving force behind this event. They have truly made an impact on our church and those that we are called to serve. We are getting a great reputation in the community......and we are totally cool with that.

Friday, June 22, 2007


Sorry, I have not blogged as much in the last couple of days but lightning struck a tree in the campground and fried all the phone lines. A kid was running to the cafeteria when lightning hit about 50 feet from him. He litereally wet himself. Crazy. Well, I gotta board the plane.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Have you ever been there where you felt totally inadequate? Last night before I was to speak the message, for some reason I really felt totally inadequate. I'll be honest, most of the time I am usually pretty confident in who I am and what He has called me to do, but last night I really felt some anxiety. I didn't feel good about my message nor felt ready. So I'm in the back and crying out to God and I felt Him say, "when you are weak, I am strong". God did show up and the response time was awesome and a ton of kids were truly being touched by God. When I stood up to speak, I could honestly sense the presence of God on my life. It is so amazing to serve a God who is with us even when we feel inadequate. Thanks God.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Last night we had a great night of youth camp. Seeing teenagers be touched by God is what camp is all about. Having been a part of youth camps for the past 15 years, I am glad I get to speak a couple this year in order to be weaned off of them.

Today, as I sit in the Penn mountains, I have some time away from my normal life to evaluate, pray, reflect and plan. For me, I find I need times like this to get refocused. It seems like the normal hectic pace of life can easily knock us out of focus. I hope to come back rested and recharged both physically and spiritually.

Monday, June 18, 2007


Today I was up before daylight to fly to Harrisburg Pennsylvania, to speak at a youth camp camp through Friday. I jumped on the second leg of the flight and the sun was blazing while we sat there for what seemed to be an eternity with no air. I could just picture the pilots on the other side of the cockpit door, having to put their extra jacket on because of the their cold A/C and sipping an ice cold lemonade. The whole time forgetting to flip the switch to help us out. Then I get off the plane and no one is there to pick me up. They got mixed up and lost coming to get me by a couple hours. Have you ever been forgotten? It is not a fun feeling. For me, it is always good to know that I have a God who will never lose track of me. His coverage is even better than Verizon or ATT.

Friday, June 15, 2007

check out my mug shot

I have finally made it big picture is in the paper. They even got my good side. Ha! It has been great getting involved within our new community and getting to meet so many new people. In fact yesterday, Gary and I were in a meeting at City Hall and one of the main city officials said "I'm seeing you everywhere". God is truly giving us favor! Im not yet sure how to put this link on my blog, but here is the address to read the full article.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

what do you weigh?

I know that is a personal question. Probably more personal than you even know. In order for a boat not to tip over on it's side, it must weigh more on the bottom than the top. This is so true in life. If our character (the part under the water) does not weigh more than our talents and endeavors (the part above the water) we will soon overturn. Many times we spend so much effort trying to upgrade our outwardly strengths and talents, that the part that is under the water level gets neglected until it's too late. So, what about the part of you no one ever sees? How about those areas you want no one to know about? Make sure you keep your weight under control.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Two days ago we saw a robin in our backyard that was apparently sick. The bird just stood there as we got close enough to touch it gently with a stick. We then had to run to a t-ball game and returned to our backyard the next day to find the bird...dead. My boy's stood over our new friend "Birdo" in silence. "Why isn't he moving?, said my littlest boy. I then went into the spill of how life begins and ends. I picked up the bird with the help of a kiddie shovel and we all walked around the house to our big outdoor trash can. We said some last words and then dropped "birdo" in the giant green can. I told them that they bury all the stuff in here and that he would be buried to. All was cool till my 6 year old Kaden started crying...and crying...and crying. I have never seen him like this before. I did my best to console him and talk him through it. But I think for the first time he dealt with and understood death. That can be a scary thing! It's kind of crazy being a dad and walking through some of these issues in life that can be hard for a child. But we all must attempt to do our best.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

one dollar

The other day I took my boy Kross (3yr old) with me to run an errand. I don't get to spend as much one on one time with him. So I took this chance and on the way home we stopped at McDonalds and I only ad $1, so we bought an ice-cream Sundae. I pulled into an empty parking lot and we ate it in the front seat. I told him it was our little secret. Of course we pull in the driveway and he is announcing it to everyone that he and daddy had an ice cream. It was one of those neat memories.....that only cost $1. The other day my dad, (their papaw) says he's taking my boys to a store where they can buy anything they want. They were so excited! He went to a dollar store and they still thought it was awesome. I think we only need to get creative to build som great memories.

Friday, June 8, 2007


Control. Just a thought this morning stemming from a devo from BeckE Medina to the interns. She just touched on this briefly but it made me think. How much control do you believe you have over your life's outcome? If you believe you have none or little control, then your life is reactionary and led by others, circumstances and basically the wind. If you believe that you are totally in control of every detail of your life, then you edge God out of it. Personally, I want to pray as if everything depends on God and work as everything depends on me. God is in control and as I pray and feel led by God, I run after it and try to trust Him through whatever obstacles may come. Life is truly a balancing act of faith and relying on self, that we all must continually be striving to define. How much in control are you?

Thursday, June 7, 2007

im a graduate

Today, I graduate from an area leadership program called LEADS. I'm graduating 6th in my class....out of 6! Well actually there are only 6 of us, but we don't get a grade. This program was through the Chamber of Commerce here in Pickerington and lasted for about 4 months. Through this program I have had the opportunity to meet most of the City and Township officials here in our town. It culminated with that cemetery cleaning as our final class project. Being new to the area, this has been invaluable for me to connect with our city officials and to get a better feel on the pulse of Picktown. So, I'm heading to my graduation lunch now and I get to do the "invocation". I guess that is one of the perks of being the only pastor in the class. Ha! I also get the jump to the front of the line to eat, because only I know when I'm saying "amen".

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

cemetery day

Today for most of the day, I worked with about 60 others in our community in order to restore one of our cemeteries. It was really a cool experience. I honestly felt like we honoring those who have passed on from this life, by restoring for many in the early 1800's, there only mark of having passed from this earth. While shoveling and reseting some headstones, I had a lot of time to think about my life and what it will mean. Will anyone remember me in 200 years? What can I do know to leave a legacy that will impact lives for years to come? Really, the only thing that means anything is what I invest of me into others. My hope is that future generations will be affected because of the lives that I have touched. Will anyone remember you in 200 years?

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

0 for 4

I'm playing softball again for the first time in 6 years. As the state youth director I had to give it up softball because of the crazy demand and traveling schedule. I love to compete and used to play in several leagues.....but you probably couldn't tell watching me last night. I did not get a hit the whole night. I go home a little bummed and my 3 year old pees in his "big boy" underwear. I got on to him and was probably a little harder on him than I should have been. That is when God started speaking to me about, "what if He (GOD) were as hard on me, as I was on my boy Kross?" What if every time I messed up (like going 0 for 4), He disciplined me. It was an accident and we all have them. So I had to go to my boy and make things right.....and ask forgiveness from God. I am very glad that God is so much of a better father than me. But I do appreciate that He spoke to me about it....and that my ears were in tune to listen. I think the key to growing in this life, is to learn from every thing you can.......even going 0 for 4.

Friday, June 1, 2007

getting older should = maturity

It's funny the older I get, how many of the things I value change too. When I was sixteen, it was all about my 15 inch subwoofers that cost almost as much as my truck. Now its all about, what kind of husband and dad am I being? I've had to give up several things I used to love to do, in order to do the things that are now more highly valued. But really, that is how it should be. We continue to grow and change while walking through different seasons of life. We must continually adapt in order to keep those things that are important at the forefront of life. What is truly important to you? Do you need to shuffle a few priorities in your life?
As for the pic.......I just thought it was cool.