Wednesday, December 31, 2008

1st 90 days

Bob Biehl says that the first 90 days of your year, are pivotal on what is accomplished in that year. Rather than just aimlessly floating through our year, we need to make some goals and start them in the first 90 days. Not to say that everything we start, we will finish. But at least we are heading in the right direction and have got the goal off of the ground. I'm making my list.....& checking it twice!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Friday, we are having a ManUp night at C3. There will be guy food, guy games and the football game on the big screen. But the real reason we are getting together is for the ManUp Challenge. We are splitting the guys up in to 2 teams to take part in a 40 day challenge to read, pray and journal. The challenge will be to become better husbands and men of God. At the end of the challenge, we will have a "date night" at C3 where we will have the guys and their wives watch the movie "FireProof."
There will be points given for completing assignments. Whichever team has the most completed assignments, wins. From the winning team, whoever completes the most assignments, will win a date night package worth $250 bones! It includes, a nice meal, hotel, coffee and babysitting...all paid. We even got bracelets that say ManUp for those who are in!
So in the famous words of my Jr. High gym teacher..."Are you a man or a mouse, squeek up!"...or should I say...MANUP!

Monday, December 29, 2008

perfect day

After church last night, I drove to my parents house to spend the night. My dad and I got up early and sat next to each other in a tree stand while deer hunting. I shot a big bodied 8pt buck and then my dad and I, met my Papaw and my brother Josh at the local diner for lunch. I spent some couch time talking with my mom and am now heading home in time for dinner/wrestling and a movie with my family. It was the perfect day.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

weak no further

Last night close to midnight, I was doing my rounds, tucking my 3 kids in, when my 7 year old pops his head up from the top bunk. He has this dazed look and then hurls a stream all over the room. I go to grab him to run him to the bathroom when he hurls again! By now, it has practically covered every square inch of his room! I jump over (more like through) the mess on the floor and grab the trash can and caught the other 3 episodes. (I warned you it was graphic!) Keri and I then spent the next hour or so cleaning it all up.
That is life. Life is messy. You have to take the joys and the pain, the fun times and the tough times.
I'm thinking of carpeting the boys room in "blue tarp!"

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Eve

So for Christmas Eve, we are doing a message entitled "God is with us." Here is the one main thought..."How would you live your life differently, if you truly believed, that God is with you? I have some thoughts, but I would love yours first. Please chime in!

Monday, December 22, 2008


I'm anticipating the great C3 Exodus! Being a church that is younger and the fact that not many are "from" Pickerington, we have a mass exodus at Christmas time. In fact the Sunday closest to Christmas was last years lowest attended Sunday. On the flip side, our Christmas Eve service was jam packed with non-C3'ers who had never been to our church. I guess it all comes with learning your community. This year we are doing 2 Christmas Eve services at 7pm and midnight. I'll let you know how they go. Midnight will be the experiment.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


This morning, I'm hanging with my kids to free up my Keri go with 25 other C3'ers to serve at a mission in downtown Columbus. We have some amazing people who love to serve and tangibly show the love of Christ.

Friday, December 19, 2008

White Elephant Gift Exchange

Last night we had a great time with our Community Group Leaders at Beef O Brady's. The food was great, even though I ate someone persons burger. Then we had the "White Elephant Gift Exchange." I got the Chipotle $5 gift card (lunch today). The gifts ranged from "Rockstar" drinks to a Twisted Sister Christmas Cd to a thigh master. Of all the gifts, I have to give props to Gary's. He had recently grown a full beard and when he shaved it, he did it strategically. In between each new minor shave, he would take a picture with a crazy face. Then he arranged all the photo's in a photo album. So some lucky person went home with 15 pictures of this experiment. Our staff has issues!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

C3 budget day

Today, Gary and I are making a trip to the District office to finish up our 2009 budget. From the very beginning of C3, we have wanted to be above reproach in all of C3's financial matters. From the very beginning we decided to call an audit on C3 every year. Also, we have had help putting our budgets together from our district office finance guy Rod. There is wisdom in good counselors and before we make major decisions, we have several checks and balances that we walk through. We want to make sure C3 is tight and accountable with expenses, to free up money to generously give to where God is leading us. To the point that during the week, our church building is cold except for our individual offices, where space heaters are in action. That's probably why our staff spends so much time at the coffee shop...ha.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

rough edges

I really feel like God is once again taking some more rough edges off of my life. He is shining the light on areas of my life that I really didn't think I struggled with, but when I dig deeper, I realize the motive is wrong. For me, I'm really good at camouflaging motives or negativity with positive words. I didn't even realize I struggled with this until God revealed it to me. So, I'm on the treadmill this morning listening to a podcast and almost in tears. I even had to shut off ESPN, so you know it's serious. I prayed through and confessed it to God (all while running) Then I came back and asked my true friend Gary Fowler to hold me accountable, if he ever sees or hears this. I just want nothing more than to have a totally pure heart before God. I have a long way to go, but I serve a big God and am always up for a challenge.........confession purifies the soul!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I just gotta give my 2 cents on the President Bush incident, of having shoes thrown at him. So here it is: The United States and President Bush gave that reporter the right to throw his shoes. Can you imagine what would have happened to that man just a few short years ago in that country, had he thrown his shoes at anyone in a position of authority? Yes, you guessed it, he would have been quickly executed. That is one of the crazy things about freedom. It allows those who are all over the spectrum to have a voice, even those who disagree. So the next time you hear those who are trying to remove Christ from our nation, just remember that it is because we are a Christian nation, that they even have the right to have a voice. OK....I'm done....have a great day and a merry CHRISTmas.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Saturday, I ran a 5k in 18 degree weather and placed 2nd. They gave me a cool track jacket for a prize. I spent the day at home watching the Ironman triathlon World Championships. I was tearing up through the whole thing just knowing the battles they were facing. Then we went over to some friends house for dinner. Yesterday was a good day, but today was better. Today, we baptized 10 between our 2 services. It is amazing to hear the stories of how their lives have been changed by Jesus Christ. It was truly a time of rejoicing! This is why C3 exists!

Friday, December 12, 2008


Yesterday, I got up early headed to the gym for a spin cycling class and then headed to Lancaster to speak a morning chapel at Fairfield Christian Academy. They have a great school and some genuine kids. I then had lunch with another church builder to get a drawing of what he could do in our price range. We are getting all the info in order to make a wise decision. Last night we had our staff/advisory board Christmas Party. We had a lot of fun at GameWorks of Easton. A decent meal and then arcade games. We raced...we shot things...played air hockey, skeeball and everything in-between. When our team gets together, laughter can almost always be heard. Then we headed to the coffee shop to chill out. All together it was a great evening with some amazing people. I'm the most blessed pastor on the planet!..........and we've only just begun.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

man blind

My name is Konan Stephens and I am man-blind. Yesterday on my way home, I was asked by my wife to stop by the store and pick up some "Red Envelopes." My Keri is so detailed, she told me which door to go in, exactly what aisle, and where on the shelf that they would be. I walked in, followed the instructions perfectly, but didn't see them ANYWHERE. I then began to search the surrounding aisles, all to no avail. After 5 minutes of frantically searching, I went back to the first place I looked, to start again. To my dismay....there were the "Red Envelopes," exactly where she said. The exact price, the exact package.....everything....exactly. WHY COULDN'T I SEE IT! I have had this issue pretty much my whole life. I am MAN-BLIND. Am I the only one?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thankful game

Yesterday on my day off, it was time to wake my little girl Kali from her nap. So opened her door and plopped down beside her in her little pink bed. Somehow she always wakes up with a smile. We then started playing the "Thankful Game." I would say something I am thankful for, and then she would say something she is thankful for. We went back and forth for several minutes.

I don't know about you, but it's real easy to stay focused on what we don't have (especially in the Christmas season) rather than what we do. If you live in a home with running water, electricity and food in your kitchen, you are incredibly blessed.

Monday, December 8, 2008

C3's team is amazing

Yesterday was our 2nd Birthday as a church. We had a great crowd, even with the snow. We brought in the Cincinnati Masters Commission to help teach the majority of the kids classes, so all our adults could be in the service. I do have to say that Tim Rine, our band and tech team did a great job. The band continues to get better and better and JJ Robson is taking our tech and sound from good to great. In the famous words of Hannibal on the A-Team, "I love it when a plan comes together!" I'm truly honored to Pastor such an incredible church......and we've only just begun.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Today, myself and the family did nothing. We never left the house and never changed from our pajamas. We put up our 2nd Christmas tree and watched a movie together. I worked on my boys fooseball skills and watched some football. Does it get any better than this?

Friday, December 5, 2008

on the edge

In my prayer times I really get the sense that C3 is on the verge of God doing something big. I feel as if a large engine is revving high and the clutch is about to be let go to engage the gears. We are seeing some great things as a church in the area of growth and people coming to Jesus. In fact, next week we will baptize 10-15 more believers! God is doing doing something incredible and we are all honored to just be a part of it. I also feel that God is leading C3 to step our praying for our city and for those who don't know Christ. We are praying through the best way to make this happen. We are on the edge......

Thursday, December 4, 2008

God of this City

For our b-day our theme is "God of this City," which is based off the song by Chris Tomlin. There is no doubt in my mind that greater things are yet to come and still be done in our city. God has birthed C3 to make a "dent" in East Columbus for the cause of Jesus Christ. I'm excited to challenge our C3'ers to lead the way. Before God can be God of our city.....He must be God in us. We are a chosen instrument to reveal God's hope, mercy, grace and power. It's sad, but the church today has sanitized the message of Jesus Christ. We have made it safe, easy and secure. I believe God is calling us to a life of adventure and fearlessness. God is more concerned with our contribution than our comfort, our significance than our safety. Jesus said "follow me," and then He went and gave His life on a cross. If God is going to be God of my city, then it has to start with God being the God of me!
Yeah....I'm a little fired up! God stirred my heart in my prayer time this morning.....keep stirring Jesus, I hunger for more!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

C3 turns 2

This Sunday we are celebrating our 2nd Birthday as a church. We are going to basically throw a party, and you can't have a party without gifts. So we have invited our Mayor, and are going to present him a check for $1,500 to go to our city. Also, we raised $1,500 at our Faster than the Pastor 5k, which was matched by the city (another $1500) to put toward sidewalks that lead to our public schools. As a church we love to give. We budget 2% of our income to give back to our community. It is truly amazing to watch God bless our church as we continue to give. His Word says, "you reap what you sow." So, if you haven't been reaping lately.....I think you need to look at what you have been planting.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Heading out of the woods

What a great trip! My buddy from FL and I, stayed with some of my old friends back in St. Clairsville to do some deer hunting. I felt so spoiled. They cooked some incredible food for us for every meal. There is nothing like some hot chocolate and a warm fire after a long day in the cold wilderness. It was awesome to be in the woods with the snow falling. I passed on several small deer. With meat in the freezer, I was trophy hunting. I got to trek over some gorgeous country and see some beautiful wildlife. Tonight, I'm in the woods as it is getting dark, only to hear the coyotes howling! A little a eerie. All in all it was a great trip and I come back tired but refreshed.